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How do I schedule my training  sessions

You have multiple choices. You book reoccurring sessions.  You can use the app. You can do it session by session with your trainer.  You can always call us to schedule something or change an appoint also.

Is their contract I need to sign?

We do not offer contracts. We offer the best possible price that we can afford.  The packages are month to month and you can stop anytime, all we ask is that you give us 2 weeks notice.

What happens if I need to cancel a session?

It really is no big deal unless you do it a lot.  Since the trainers get paid for only completed sessions they will always want to reschedule your session.

What happens if I'm Sick or go on Vacation?

We will freeze your account and making any necessary adjustments to billing cycle.

What happens if I don't use my sessions?

If you did not use your sessions because you where out sick, on vacation or work related, it's no big deal and will make any required adjustments.  If you just don't show and let the session credit expire, that's your own fault.

Do training credits Expire?

Yes credits need to be used up during each bill cycle. It is your best interest to do so, if you don't come we can't train you.

How long is a bill cycle?

Bill cycles are typically 30 days. If you sign up on the 5th of January your next bill is February 5th. bill cycles will adjust based on vacations, sick time etc

What if I come more then the number credits I bought?

No big deal you will just be charged for your package price per session.

I have physical issues, is Personal training still ok for me?

It is personal: only 1 on 1 so it is important for us to know the issues you  have. We will talk about them during your Free Assessment.  We have worked with people from the college athlete to the low self esteem child, to the over weight, to the serious physical  injured. Don't worry if you shoulder, back, ankle issues they are more common then you know.

I just want improve my golf game or be able to play with grand kids can you help?

No matter what your goal is we are to help you achive it.